Snatch! 024 by Fabian Argomedo is out now on Beatport!!


1) Fabian Argomedo – Tabique Original Mix)
2) Fabian Argomedo – Red Dog (Homework Remix)
3) Fabian Argomedo – Fire (Original Mix)
4) Fabian Argomedo – Cirkus (Original Mix)


Some Early Selected Feedbacks

Already supported by Nic Fanciulli, Steve Mac and…

-Mark Fanciulli “Great release, like all of the tracks but “Tabique” is my favorite.”
-Butch “i like the red dog”
-Joris Voorn “Tabique works for me, thanx!”
-Rocky (X-Press 2) “All 4 big room fillers!!”
-Alli Borem “whole ep is great! but RED DOG is perfect !”
-James Talk “Tabique is great! Thanks”
-Tom Flynn “Nice rolling grooves here, thanks ”
-Gramophonedzie “Great EP! Will play it a lot.”
-AFFKT “Amazing EP, like all the tracks here! thanks”
-Andy Baxter “Nice and pumping Funky Biz ready for the NYE celebrations. Thank You”
-Kaiserdisco “massive release! love all 4 tracks! full support – Fabian is da man!!!!!”
-Dubfire “downloading thank you”
-Homework “x”
-DJ Simi “Tabique and Cirkus are for me! thanks”
-David Keno “crazy shit!”
-Neoteric “diggin Red Dog! fire is nice too, support for sure. big up snatch!”
-Tom Stephan “nice tracks! Red Dog is my fav!”
-Shir Khan “sounds strong!”
-The Aston Shuffle “This whole ep is amazing!”
-Dan McKie “Fire is uber cool! like the vibe of Cirkus too, good filler track.”
-Heartik “Fire and Tabique….massive stuff!”
-Rambaud Ludovic (Only For DJs FR) “nice house vibes, solid tracks ! Cirkus is my fave ;)
-Benoit (Tsugi) “nice ep, tx”
-DJ MTS (Matheus Tusikas Schutz) “Fire and Cirkus are fabulous!. The bests for me. Loved the vocals on it. Good work, and I’ll support here on Progress. Thanks.”
-Daniele Tignino “Nice EP! Thanks.”
-Carlo Toma “bomb release!! really support”
-Matt Nugent (OneLove) “I love Tabique!!!!!!!!”
-Jack & Ian (Juicy FM) “Fantastic release, gorgeous tech house, can’t wait to rinse this in the clubs and on the radio!”
-Victor (DJ Mag) “So much groove on this EP. Superb.”
-Colin Perkins “Original and Homework remix are bombs.. Big things”


Snatch! 023 by Jet Project feat. Electric J (with Homework Remix) is out now on Beatport!!


1) Jet Project feat. Electric J – Alright (Original Mix)
2) Jet Project feat. Electric J – Alright (Homework Remix)
3) Jet Project – Can’t Forget You (Original Mix)


Some Selected Feedbacks:

-A-Trak “Groooooovy.”
-Mark Fanciulli “Really feeling “Alright” Will play for sure!”
-Rocky (X-Press 2) “Always going to be good from Jet Project. Doesn’t let us down. Definite support. Homework remix is strong!”
-Boris Dlugosch “Homework Mix for me please!”
-Brodinski “WOW amazing vibes on this one! x”
-AFFKT “Great package, all tracks working for me!”
-James Talk “Supporting all 3. Nice release from JP.x”
-Hermanez “homework remix is nice, tnx !”
-TAPESH “for me Alright (Homework Remix) is dope, will play for sure. thanks”
-Prince Club “Homework remix is tiiiight!!!!!”
-Dubfire “downloading for Dubfire,thanks!”
-Alli Borem “for me; Alright (Homework Remix), good work !!”
-Claude VonStroke “Downloading Thanks!”
-Tiësto “Downloading!!!”
-DJ Simi “Great pack for me!! Alright both mixes in my set!! We Snatch!!”
-Mihalis Safras “Always Quality from Snatch!”
-James Jackson “SHIT HOT!!!! Cant wait to hear the LP/.”
-Gel Abril”alright is really nice tnx!”
-The Aston Shuffle “Very solid stuff, will support for sure! :)
-Kiko Martinez “Homework remix is for me! Support.”
-Marco Soenke “I will never ever get tired of Homework. Their Mix rules, again.”
-Homework “You electrify my life, alright.”
-Fabian Argomedo “Massive Tracks!! thanks”
-Tom Stephan “LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!”
-Neoteric “Alright is more than alright, its great! big up Jet Project, tons of support!”
-Heartik “can’t forget you!! whooop whoop!”
-Joyce Muniz: “Mhhhh dooope.”
-Paco Osuna “downloaded thank you :)
-J. Phlip “homework! you boyz smashed it on the remix! i like the originals too! thanks a lot for this promo… excited to play these!!!!”
-Olivier Massey “loving all these. can’t wait for the album! JP for the win!”
-Shir Khan “killer-release. have been playing the homework remix in all my sets and very often people asked me for this specific track.”
-Ben Westbeech “OOOH Yes..Lovely stuff. BLAM!!”
-Brad Shawyer “Great release, the best Snatch in a while I think! Homework remix and Can’t Forget You are fucking ill!”
-Buckley “alright original is the one for me!”
-Rogerseventytwo “Alright is allright! Gonna play this out. Thanks!”
-ManooZ “YEAH! BIG! Alright will by in my sets, both of them. Ah, Cant Forget You is also fat. ALready see the dancefloor moving! Congrats for this big ep!”
-Mercury “Yes Yes, Homework remix is a killer…What a bomb! LOOOVVVVEEEEE”
-TWR72 (Sound Pellegrino): “Nice one, dudes!”
-Ralph Lawson “checking the homework mix”
-Dick Diamonds “CANT FORGET YOU FOR THE WIN!!!BIGGGG TUNE, Will get play here in Canada by me.Clubs will react!! The Homework remix of Alright, is also alright!”
-Max the Fax “Loving “Cant Forget You” well done all round! Will Play!”
-Adana Twins (Exploited, Baalsaal Rec, JEUDI Records) “Homeworks Remix is dope! Will play for sure!”
-DJ MTS (Matheus Tusikas Schutz) “Alright (original) is cool!. Big drums!. Support here on Progress and in my gigs. Thanks.”
-Rambaud Ludovic (OnlyForDJs FR) “One more BOMB for Snatch, definitely THE house label to look after. will review and support this excellent EP !
this is an ode to the old-school vibes”
-Daniele Tignino “Nice Ep! total Support.”
-Jason Pepperell “Can’t Forget You for me”
-Nutritious “Serious bidness! Excellent, powerful, funky deepness!”
-Essential deLuxe – Conecta FM “Deep sounds with great elegance.”
-Jack & Ian (Juicy FM) “Fantastic from Snatch! as ever, Homework takes things to the next level, although you’d expect no less from him! Another great release, Can’t Forget You is sweet too, love the funky baseline.”


Snatch Special 003 – Riva Starr & Fatboy Slim feat. Beardyman “Get Naked” (includes Carl Cox & Jon Rundell Remix) – Out November the 28th on Beatport

1) Riva Starr & Fatboy Slim feat. Beardyman – Get Naked (Club Mix)
2) Riva Starr & Fatboy Slim feat. Beardyman – Get Naked (Carl Cox & Jon Rundell Remix)
3) Riva Starr – Flexi Lady (Original Mix)
4) Riva Starr & Fatboy Slim feat. Beardyman – Get Naked (Dub Mix)

SNATCH! SPECIAL003 – GET NAKED (PROMO EDITION) (OUT on Beatport) by Snatch! Records

Some Selected Early Feedbacks:

- Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) “not so sure about the full vocal versions but other mixes are great especially carl cox mix and Flexi Lady is a keeper too”
- Chris Lake “big!”
- Lee Rous (Plump DJs) “Bigger than the Sun!”
- Joachim Garraud “Good !!!”
- Hernan Cattaneo “really good carl & rundell mix”
- Alan Fitzpatrick “love it”
- Gregor Tresher “Will play Carl Cox & Jon Rundell Mix.”
- A-Trak “I Like it and supporting it!”
- Andy Daniell “Big Record!!!”
- Nat Self (ZDS) “well riva and mr boy slim obviously lost there damn minds when they made this – insanity – but i like it.”
- Andy George “Dub is DOPE, will be playing out for sure…”
- Tube & Berger “wow.. this is massive! totally into the cox & rundell remix!”
- James Jackson “BADASS!!”
- AFFKT “Wow, amazing package. Thanks for the advanced Xmas present. LOVE IT!”
- Gramophonedzie “GOT NAKED! Baby!”
- Aga Heller “Great collab – full support!”
- David Dunne “dark, evil and fierce!”
- Wesley S. “BIG TRACK!!!”
- Shir Khan “Great combo. Love it.”
- Remerc “Carl Cox & Jon Rundell Remix !!! will def play”
- Doomwork “wooowoooo…what a tuneeee!!!”
- Marco Soenke “Waited for that… Big one from 3 big players, original mix is wicked”
- Acid Jack “TUNE OF THE YEAR”
- Kiko Martinez “Carl Cox & Jon Rundell Remix is for me! Support.”
- Oscar Aguilera / Soul Of Life “Strong package, full support!!! I will play this, my house of god!!! Thanks”
- The Loose Cannons “A 2011 nod to black Legend…? Def works… look fwd to dropping this on the sweeties…”
- Allì Borèm “wwoooo awesome !!! full support for Flexi Lady and the dub mix of Get Naked. Good Worrrrrk ! love it”
- Jason Pepperell (Juice FM / SSRadio) “Sounds good!Will support”
- Rambaud Ludovic (OnlyForDJs FR) “FULL SUPPORT :) Once Again, Stefano does it right ! great one buddy !!!”
- Dennis Pumm (Radio Weser TV) “I`v been waited so long..for this track! Fatboy and Riva in collaboration… need more. Just Perfect! Carl Cox & John Rundell understand to be naked, too!”


Snatch Special 002 – V.A. SNATCH! GOES MIXMAG – Out November the 14th on Beatport

1) Riva Starr vs. Major Lazer – Jump (The Martin Brothers Remix)
2) Homework – Idlewild
3) Thieve – Tears For Fools
4) Doomwork – Round Again
5) Remerc – Choana
6) John Made – Play
7) Da Lukas – Hot Chocolate
8 ) Karl Yano – 2012
9) Kidde & Bebbe – Pass The Peas

SNATCH! SPECIAL002 V.A. SNATCH! GOES MIXMAG (OUT on Beatport) by Snatch! Records

Selected early feedbacks:
-Mark Fanciulli “Will play Doomwork – Round Again”
-AFFKT “Great selection, like many tracks here!!!thanks” “riva starr and remerc for me! thanks”
-Pirupa “Lot of Bombs inside this big special sampler! Will play the TMB remix , Thieve and Remerc!!”
-Alli Borem “awesome tracks ! full support especially for Remerc – Choana. i’ll play it a lotthnks for that”
-Wesley S / Mark Knight “HOT SOUNDS!!!!!”
-Eats Everything “Super Solid ep. Stand outs for me are Martin Brothers, Thieve and Kidde & Bebbe. Really nice man. Love it.”
-Biru Bee (Round Table Knights) “Wow soooo good! Don’t know which is my favourite… I guest I love them all!”
-James Talk “I LOVE days like these, EP’s of 9 amazing tracks! They’re all brilliant and different. Congrats on a brilliant release!”
-Rainer Weichhold “Martin Brothers remi x is ace. wow. and Doomwork’s track in briliant as well”
-Hermanez “nice stuff, thanks and good luck !”
-Andy Daniell “Nice some special specials in here!!!”
-Gramophonedzie “Kidde & Bebbe – Pass the Peas is so good. Also John Made – Play will be in my sets for sure!”
-Mason “Very dope package – gonna listen to it more carefully to pick my favorites”
-James Jackson “MY GOD – WHAT A PACKAGE!!!! LOVE IT thanks”
-Homework “Snip snap snatch!”
-DJ CHUS “Amazing release! full support guys!”
-Coyu “1-2-8 looks good”
-David Keno “Rock n roll. Some nice tracks here. Dont know which ones to choose yet.”
-Mihalis Safras “another good release! will def gonna play it out in LA”
-Andy George “Been playing the MJ Vs Riva mix for a while – huge!”
-Aga Heller “A lot of nice tunes once again!”
-Shir Khan “all about IDLEWILD by HOMEWORK…tune of the next 3 months…disco madness…”
-Tapesh “like the jump from Riva! thanks”
-DJ Simi “Great as always!! Play,Choana and Pass the Peas at the moment!!”
-Marco Soenke “Strong package, „Junp” ist just awesome and Homework never dissapoint, John Made sounds also good.”
-David Dunne “VERY strong package – some really great stuff in here!”
-Jose Maria Ramon “wow what a groove here! difficult to choose just one but will say Doomwork”
-Kiko Martinez “Nice tracks. Support!”
-Fabian Argomedo “Nice pack!! Hot Chocolate for me!! thanks”
-Birdee “Great package!! Martin Brothers remix, Play and Pass The Peas are all dope!”



Snatch! 022 by Pirupa is out now on Beatport with 3 originals!!


1) Pirupa – Money (Original Mix)
2) Pirupa – Get My Love (Original Mix)
3) Pirupa – Break Mambo (Original Mix)

SNATCH! 022 PIRUPA EP (OUT ON BEATPORT!!) by Snatch! Records

Some Selected Feedbacks:

-Mark Fanciulli “Will play money! 7/10″
-Nic Fanciulli “downloading now”
-Hermanez “cool release again.. break mambo is a great ass shaker. tnx !”
-Tommie Sunshine “Money & Get My Love are both winners for the House sets. this is proper House Music made clearly by Househeads. it wonderful & refreshing.”
-Taras Van de Voorde “Pirupa!! Great tunes again, will def play them out this weekend!”
-Danny Serrano “great EP,full support for Pirupa!”
-Steve Mac “get my love is cool”
-Dubfire “send the mp3, thanks.”
-James Jackson “Money and Break mambo for me, love break mambo. ta”
-Elio Riso “money & Get my love full support ! 8/10″
-Timmy (Jet Project) “Get My love is getting mine… dope!!”
-Gramophonedzie “Nice EP from Pirupa. great as usual. i love Break Mambo and that is best track for me.”
-Super FLu “nice e.p. !!! we will play it out loud…”
-Remerc “strong groovin’ stuff from Pirupa here! Support ‘Get My Love’… thanks!!!”
-AFFKT “Dope release! Love all the tracks”
-James Talk “KILLER EP. Everything Pirupa does is super hot! Support on all 3 tracks. Thank you!”
-Wesley S. “RADIO STYLES BABY!!!!!”
-Doomwork “Nice one! Thx”
-DJ CHUS “Hey fratello! amazing release….. god job buddy!”
-Max (Prince Club) “this EP is $”
-Andy Baxter “Brilliant as always, full support Pacha stlylee. Love Break Mambo”
-Tom Flynn “Money all the way! Top work Mr P! Thanks”
-Yousef “mambo is cool!”
-Aga Heller “Three really cool tunes! Like ‘em and will play ‘em all day and all night and all day and all night and all day…”
-Andy Daniell “LOVE MONEY, oh yeah & the record is good as well. All tracks are great. Killer EP. Big support on this one!”
-Paco Osuna “downloaded thank you :)
-John Made “great stuff as usual….money for me!!!”
-Lucas (Zombie Disco Squad) “get my love got my attention…thanks!”
-Neoteric “Whoa! Pirupa is a groove monster! Loving Get My Love, and Money..its a coin toss, guess ill just have to run em both into the ground. big up!”
-Jose Maria Ramon “but this is amazinggg! “Money” is a bomb! will try it for sure at Space Closing. sure that rock the floor! full support”
-Mihalis Safras “bloody roller release mate! big support from material camp!”
-Shir Khan “disco i hear ya. support for money.”
-MIXHELL “full support!”
-Fabian Argomedo “nice groove …great ep!!!! full support!!”
-Gina Turner “LOVE BREAK MAMBO!”
-The Aston Shuffle “Very cool stuff! Summer has just landed here in OZ and this track is perfect for it!”
-Daniele Tignino “I like Pirupa’s sound, nice package, thanks.”
-Ralf “Disco!!!!!!”
-Birdee “Quality as always from Pirupa and Snatch…love all 3 tracks!!”
-Leg-No “ahhh great release .. italian do it better .. get my love my fav .. thanks”
-DJ MTS (Matheus Tusikas Schutz) – Progress “Loved the “Get My Love” and “Money”. Awesome!!. Total support here on Progress mates, Thanks.”
-David Dunne “on the money as always”
-Carlo Toma “House bombs! full support for my friend, I will play money”
-Dennis Pumm “WOW ! Track 3 is my favourite. Up in the Air !”!+Records


Snatch! 021 is out now on Beatport with Pirupa’s remix of Dualton’s “Housekeeping”.


1) Dualton – Housekeeping (Pirupa Remix)

SNATCH021 01. Housekeeping (Pirupa Remix) – Dualton Snatch021 (96k snip) OUT Oct. 11th on Beatport by Snatch! Records

Some Selected Feedbacks:

-Rocky (X-Press 2) “Very good. Think I’m more into the Dualton though, only just.”
-Mark Fanciulli “Pirupa remix for me ! 7/10″
-Dubfire “thanks and downloading!”
-AFFKT “Yeah! great remix. Thanks”
-Hermanez “yes, big release again!”
-Danny Serrano “great remix” “the remix is cool! support”
-James Talk “the remix is excellent and will support!”
-Remerc “thanks for sending this! will try!”
-Gel Abril “cool grooves tnx!”
-Mihalis Safras “it can rock a full house!”
-Jaymo “Pirupa remix is pretty sweet”
-Andy George “Pirupa Remix sounds dope!”
-Shir Khan “SNATCH is on fire as always.”
-Dualton “very happy about Pirupa’s remix. thx guys!”
-Max (Prince Club) “BOOOMMM !!!!!”
-Simon Coyle (totem OneLove) “killer house grooves,great club dance floor bangers”
-David Dunne “Housekeeping hits my spot.”
-Neoteric “great! don’t make me pick a favorite!”
-Jose Maria Ramon “this is amazing!!! sounds great for my radio shows and gigs! fantastic”
-Paco Osuna “downloaded thank you :)
-Acid Jack “so good!”
-Matheus Tusikas Schutz (DJ MTS) “Housekeeping is AWESOME!!!. Perfect, I loved it really. FULL support here on Progress, Thanks!.”
-Leg-No “always super quality!”
-Birdee “Quality house music from snatch as usual!”
-Fabian Argomedo “nice remix!”!+Records

TrackitDown presents: Midnight Freaks invites Positronik & Snatch! – ADE special – AIR, 22/10/2011

TrackitDown presents:
Midnight Freaks invites Positronik & Snatch!
Amsterdam Dance Event Special
October 22nd 2011
Presale: €20 at /

AIR1 – hosted by Positronik
James Zabiela (UK)
Simian Mobile Disco (DJ set, UK)
Midland & Pariah (UK)
Bicep (UK)

AIR2 – hosted by Snatch!
Riva Starr (IT)
Ramon Tapia (BE)
Prince Club (UK)


Snatch! 020 by Pablo Rez is out now on Beatport and includes Dualton and Mihalis Safras remixes!


1) Pablo Rez – Reclaim
2) Pablo Rez – Straight
3) Pablo Rez – Reclaim (Dualton Remix)
4) Pablo Rez – Straight (Mihalis Safras Remix)

SNATCH! 020 PABLO REZ EP (OUT ON BEATPORT!!) by Snatch! Records

Some selected feedbacks:

-Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Strong release from Pablo. Dualton mix doing it for me I think. Support!”
-Layo – “Yes.. another cool Mihalis Safras remix. Gonna play it!”
-Tom Findlay – (Groove Armada) – “Loving the whole of this ep!! ☺”
-AFFKT – “This is agreat package! Will play Dualton Remix for sure!”
-Thomas Schumacher – “Dualton Remix is the standout for me on this release…Support.”
-Lauhaus – “The Reclaim original sounds DOPE!! Thanx!”
-Dave Seaman – “I think the originals are gonna work well for me. Gonna spin them.”
-Doomwork “Dualton is the winner! Great remix!!”
-Homework “Reclaim is favorite. Deep, warm, nice.”
-Hermanez “great release, straight original and mihalis safras remix are my pick.. tnx !”
-David Keno “support for the dualton remix.”
-Leon “i like this ep! especially dualton remix”
-Steve Mac “straight is the one for me, rocking”
-Gramophonedzie “dualton Rmx is one for me. Very deep EP from snatch!
-Feygin – “Dualton have been killin it for me lately, and this here is no different. BOOM!”
-Hector Romero – “Reclaim is fresh and rocking and Straight just flows!”
-DJ Madskillz – “Mihalis Safras Remix is def the strongest from the release for me! Support.”
-Wally Lopez – “Excellent release.. the remixes are all great.. full support.”
-Felix – (Hot Chip) – “Tracks for me are Straight (original and Safras mix) good solid groovers, excellent for my sets, thanks.”
-Martin Eyerer – “Nice stuff. Will try out and I think will play “Reclaim” in my show!”
-Edu Imbernon – “Dualton remix is a nice deep piece! Will play for sure!”
-Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo Ibiza) – “Nice n swanky grooves through out here. Reclaim my fav. Support.”
-Karotte – “Straight is the pick of the release for me. Will play it.”
-Adam Port – “Snatttchhhh!!! Grandeeeee!! Dualton Remix my fav. Support!”
-Danny Howells – “All KILLERS!! Maybe Straight the fav?”
-Luca Bacchetti – “Reclaim is the best for me. Will play! Thanks for sending.”
-James Jackson “Reclaim – Both mixes are dope, thanks”
-Andy Daniels Hed Kandi “Great grooves, straight is the one for me, will support!!”
-Shir Khan “DUALTON Remix is great. Will play.”
-Joe T Vannelli “love it”
-Federico Milani “Love the Dualton remix. Support!”
-Toni Moreno – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Mihalis Safras Remix is nice! Full support on Ibiza global Radio.”
-Stefano Fontana – (Scrunch Radio Italy) – “A big YES for Straight! ☺”
-Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Reclaim for me….. Thanks a lot for the music.. I will be play in my shows..”
-Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Impressive! Amazing music for my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio, Safras Remix will be the Bomba in my gigs!”
-Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Great dancefloor tunes.”
-Phil d’bit & Sebastiano Sedda “Straight RMX is fantastic! we’ll play! Come on snatch!!!!”!+Records


2011 has already been a big year for Brighton based producer Steve Mac. The UK house hero kicked off the year with the release of his artist album “Roots” on Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records. A collection of work that saw him, as the name suggests, return to the sound of his earliest work. Raw, powerful, 4/4 house music. The album instantly picked up support from key industry figures and found Steve thrust back into the limelight. Tracks such as “Moosique”, “Hear That” and “Give It To Me” have become staple inclusions in the sets of the biggest names.

Steve’s current remix of Deepgroove & Thieve’s “Tell You Why” is rapidly climbing the download charts and now he prepares to drop his latest collection of work, as he makes his debut right here, on Snatch! Steve’s talent for creating classic beats and building grooves has been honed over many years, working with many of the most legendary names in the business. His well known appreciation of the great Todd Terry’s early work can be heard in the opening cut, “Tonight.” Track two, “It’s Ok” is very much a polar opposite. Gone are the sounds of Chicago to be replaced by a far darker sound. A slant perhaps to NYC, this pulsating monster with its powerful string riff is definitely one for the darker rooms.

Steve’s final original is a super effective tool for the summer floors. “Sold My Soul” with its staccato horn riff, popping baseline and recognisable breaks is sure to become a favourite for many. Adding a tougher, twisted and more driving slant to the track are & Jonas Fahz.

Buy on Beatport

Selected Feedback

Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Nothing but goodness from Mr M.  Love it!”

Andrew Grant – (dc10) – “Sold My Soul is WICKED!!”

Mauro Picotto – “Nice mixes, the remix will get some plays from me! ”

UNER – “Steve get the groove!!!! Full support!”

Samuel L Session – “You can really tell he’s been here for a long time, well done on this! Strong package.”

Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Great big room record. Nice one Steve. Will support!”

Luke Solomon – “Sold My Soul is a cheeky little cut. Will test it.”

Nick Warren – “it’s OK is really GREAT! Support from me for sure!”

Layo – “The remix is gonna get plays from me… on and on and on..”

Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Mighty fine release if i may say so myself – originals & remix are heat! (It’s OK is my fave)”

Tom Wax – (Phuture Sounds Germany) – “It´s OK is more than that – It´s GREAT!”

Stefano Fontana – (Scrunch – “Really into “It’s OK!! Big love!”

Andy – (Raveline) – “ mix and Tonight are the tracks for me.”

Victor – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Tonight and M.In remix are the better ones here. Good package all together though.”

DJ Mag Italia – “Up for review.”

Martin Eyerer – “Support for Steve always! Will present in my radioshow next sat.” – “Tonight is sounding really great! Will be playing!”

2000 and One – “Tonight, LOVE IT!!! Big support!”


Snatch! 018 by DJ Sneak is out now on Beatport.


1) DJ Sneak – My Love (Original Mix)
2) DJ Sneak – Can’t Wait Another Day (Original Mix)
3) DJ Sneak – My Love (Ramon Tapia Remix)

SNATCH! 018 DJ SNEAK EP (OUT ON BEATPORT!!) by Snatch! Records

Some selected feedbacks:

-A-Trak – “The gangster of house!! Sneak’s always got that groove…
-Robert Dietz – “Tapia is definitelywinning the game! ☺”
-2000 and One – “Phat Ramon Tapia Remix!!! Will be playing!!”
-Michel de Hey – “Yeah Sneak’s the man, shake it baby! Cool remix by Ramon as well!”
-Roger Sanchez – “Just in time for the weekend.”
-François K – “Eminently playable, the Ramon Tapia mix is a highlight but original is quite fine as well!”
-Gregor Tresher – “Great release!!! Can see both mixes of My Love going down well on those summer open airs!”
-Diesel (X-Press 2) – “Big main room biz from the main man!!”
-Thomas Schumacher – “Top release, Lovin’ it all. Ramon’s remix is my fave here. Playing! Thanks.”
-Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo Ibiza) – “Wicked beats… typical love for Sneak.”
-Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Nice use of Garlield Fleming! One of my fave all time soul tracks. Sneak be doing it!”
-Marc Romboy – “Ramon´s mix makes the release for me! Great!”
-Satoshi Tomiie – “Great summery release, will drop them in the season, no doubt!”
-Pirupa – “Been playing My Love for all my spring / summer dj set…great tune!”
-M A N I K – “Cant Wait Another Day for me- pretty cool overall As always from Sneak! Good stuff.”
-Basti – (Tiefschwarz) – “Thanxx for the music Sneak! I’m gonna take them and test them out! Summer tunes!”
-Carlo Lio – “Cant Wait Another Day is wikkkkkid!”
-Andy Cato – (Groove Armada) – “Great EP!! This will get some love!”
-Mathias Kaden – “Ramon Tapia Remix is great!!!!”
-Brodinski – “big one! love it! the vibe is crazy”
-Edu Imbernon – “Ramon Tapia remix is the big one for me. Nice one!! Will play at Space! ☺”
-Deetron – “Can’t Wait Another Day is really nice! Raw! ☺”
-DJ Madskillz – “The Ramon Tapia remix is def the one for me here. Will play for sure!”
-Andrew Grant – (dc10) – “Cant Wait Another Day…… luv it!!”
-Till von Sein – “Cant Wait Another Day is hella DOPE!!!”
-Leon – “love it :) thanks”
-Funk D’Void – “Ramon is GOD!!! Lovin’ his remix here!”
-Craig – (Silicone Soul) – “The blue bellied bandit always delivers – great stuff from Sneak thx for the music!”
-Hector Romero – “Sneak’s original bumps properly and Ramon takes it to another level.”
-Willie Graff – (Pacha/Cielo/dc10) – “Sneak doing his thing! Always groovin’ and good for the floor. I like Cant Wait Another Day. Thank you!!”
-Mihalis Safras – “Oh Ramon! Played it already since last week and was bomba!”
-Ralf – “Cant Wait Another Day is the rocker here…support from me!”
-Tom Middleton – “Yeah, love that monster Sub Kick and all funky as per..class!”
-AFFKT – “Another Amazing Ep from Snatch! Will play all of them!”
-Kabale und Liebe – “Ramon’s remix is very cool!! Gonna get plays for sure!”
-Wally Lopez – “Love It!!! My Love is maybe my pick. But all great!”
-Steve Mac – “Love Sneak!! Always have, always will. Ramon’s mix is good too.”
-Adam Port – “Snatch! inna House with MASTER SNEAK!! So cool!! “Can’t Wait Another Day” is bigggiiee!! Sounds so much like Summer. Get ya filters on! POW!”
-Coyu – “My Love! Both versions are great. Can’t Wait Another Day is a beautiful piece of disco. Dope EP!”
-Lauhaus – “Cant Wait Another Day sounds SWEET, will play.”
-Stacey Pullen – “Classic Sneak, gotta love it!! ☺”
-Luca Bacchetti – “It’s simply party time!!! Full support for Ramon’s mix.”
-DJ Gregory – “Ramon Tapia Remix is DOPE!!”
-Noir – “Both originals and tapia remix are all cool. Super release.”
-Dualton – “Quality housemusic by Sneak! But Tapia wins the cup! Support.”
-Yolanda Be Cool – “Ramon Tapia mix is wikkid. cheers”
-David Keno – “nice release. support.”
-Gramophonedzie -”‘Can’t Wait Another Day” is proper girly track. Great for summer. Love it. But I’m sure I will be hammering Ramons rmx. He can’t do wrong.”
-Homework – “Wow, big party vibes on Can’t Wait Another Day! Sneak’s a legend, of course.”
-Steve Mac – “nice package”
-Doomwork “Ramon remix is dope!!! Thanks”
-Timmy (Jet Project) – “Killer, killer Sneak action, diggin all tracks.”
-Tapesh – “DJ Sneak – Can’t Wait Another Day nice summer tune, reminds me 90s sound !! disco house, thanks tapesh, will play!”
-James Jackson – “one word “KILLER”"!+Records